Friday, May 16, 2008

Carl Math

All work and little play makes Shari a dull Carl. I'm sure our legion of ardent admirers have noticed that I didn't manage to post last month and this is my first post this month. For about three months from late spring to early summer, this Carl has a pile of extra work. This results in several mathematical equations of relevance:

(A Carl) + (extra work) = (more money)

Unfortunately, it also brings this equation into play:

(A Carl) + (extra work) = (diminished Carl)

Now, here's a little test for you. If the following two equations are true (and they are, trust me, I know), is the following also true:

"Having more money diminishes the Carl."

If you believed the above statement was true, the you not only fail the Carl math exam, but you also fail basic logic. The Carl does like it when logic fails. In fact, the Carl would prefer that all logic be tossed out the nearest open window (or airlock, if you are an alien reader on its mothership or an astronaut on an orbiting space station reading this post). It's not the extra money that causes the Carlish energies to diminish, but rather the lack of time spent in Carlish pursuits.

I want to reassure our cornucopia of fans that the Carl blog is not wilting after an initial burst of activity. Unfortunately, the most prolific of Carls (that's me), is being forced to deal with the unpleasantness of reality rather than basking in the pleasantness of the reality of Carl. When my work is done, you will be well and truly returned to your regular programming of discussions about foul-smelling elves (and their equally stinky masters), corn, and drunkenness.

In the meantime, keep those cards and letters coming, but you filthy minkeys stop throwing feces at our door.