Monday, October 13, 2008

Luxon Terrorists Kidnap Kurzick Monk

Research and Development has recently come out with a new method of luring players to the Luxon Armada.

On a recent foray through the Jade Sea, Zenox Aroya opened a Luxon chest and found to his surprise that it contained not treasure but a fully qualified healing monk. He was naturally surprised and extremely pleased with his luck.

The monk, one Nadezhda Gavrila, told him a tale of being kidnapped by barbaric Luxon’s and locked into a chest to be forced to serve the one who opened the chest. Apparently, the Luxon Armada hoped that they would be able to increase their own strength by kidnapping Kurzicks and forcing them to serve their enemies. This dastardly plan was thwarted, however, in this instance at least as Zenox was a Kurzick infiltrator in the Jade Sea and immediately set Nadezdha free.

We would ask that any Kurzicks infiltrating Luxon territory open all chests that they find in the hopes that any of our comrades that fall into enemy hands are released as Nadezhda was.


Nick said...

Hmm...I wonder what color you'd come out as? Green, gold, purple, blue, or white? And would you come out with a special attachment? Gale Rod of Sundering (+20% chance for extra penetration)?

Pat said...

My mother has the weirdest friends ever!!!!

LOL only you nick

Nick said...

Just going that extra mile so that you know I care. ;)